How IBC Services Partners

Each year, with the changes in the insurance industry and the renewed negotiations between providers and carriers, providers become exposed to a renewed vulnerability for potential loss in your current book of business. While we know you’d like to be able to have a contract with every insurance carrier, for most providers this is unrealistic. Most often, this creates a challenge for both the providers and your patients.

Partnering with Insurance Benefit Checkup's team of agents can alleviate some burdens, providing you with:

Increased retention of clients year-over-year.
Better health outcomes, with less disruption to your clients’ care.
Freedom for your office staff, as they don’t have to spend each enrollment season fielding insurance phone calls.
More time to focus on what you do best: taking care of patients.

Where To Find Us

The Insurance Benefit Checkup Booth provides its services at provider offices, health fairs, and other locations around the valley. Please, contact us for upcoming event information and if you’d like to set up an event in your community!
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