About Us

Finding The Right Insurance Plan

  • Provider searches, to ensure the doctors key to your care remain in-network when possible
  • Drug cost analysis
  • Assist with applications for Medicaid, Extra Help, Patient Assistance Programs, Grants for Expensive Medical Treatments, and more


What we want

Each senior citizen deserves to have affordable insurance. We help guide you through the enrollment process.


What we Plan

We want to make your world less complicated. Together we will get you the insurance you deserve.


What we Achieved

Insurance Benefit Checkups have helped hundreds of seniors find the best coverage for their needs.

Who We Are

Insurance Benefit Checkup is a service that works with individuals in local communities to ensure that everyone has the coverage that matches their unique situation.
Insurance Benefit Checkup


The Insurance Benefit Checkup team is present with a strong foothold in the Health Insurance field!

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We are just like any other major charity organization in the world – trying to help everyone!

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We use our team's experience to make sure that you get the best insurance benefits!


Where To Find Us

The Insurance Benefit Checkup Booth provides its services at provider offices, health fairs, and other locations around the valley. For upcoming event information, or to set up an event in your community contact us!
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